Blog: Cold rain on Sunday morning

I think old Winter can’t decide – will you stay? Is he leaving?

Hampton Rose is waiting for a few more days of winter chills before next week’s pleasant spring weather.

Winter chills come with a little rain on Sunday morning. The low pressure area will slide south, helping to lighten moisture along its border. Look for rain after dawn and in the afternoon – especially in northeastern North Carolina. We do not expect heavy rainfall – if any, in Virginia. But just in case, bring an umbrella.

Despite this, it will be cloudy and cool again – the maximum is likely to persist until the 40s. For those along the peninsulas, it’s a little warmer as the afternoon sun breaks through the stubborn clouds.

Bright days are approaching – the rest of the upcoming work week looks enjoyable. By mid-week, the temperature should rise by about 60 °.

Meteorologist Steve Fundar

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