Bipartisan support for Senator Lucas’ call for Yangkin to remove Russian vodka from ABC stores

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – How Russia Begins Its invasion of Ukraine and faced with sanctions from many countries trying to thwart its progress, Virginia lawmakers are urging Governor Glen Yangkin to contribute.

Senate Pro Tempore Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth) published by Fr. tweet Saturday morning with a call to the governor to remove products made in Russia from Virginia liquor control stores.

“We need to take decisive action to support Ukraine,” Lucas tweeted. “That’s why I’m calling @GovernorVA order to immediately remove all Russian vodka and any other Russian products from our ABC stores ”.

Lucas later tweeted again saying she received texts in support of the idea from both Republican senators and Democrats.

“I am overwhelmed by the texts of my colleagues in support of this idea from both sides of the aisle. I see @ssurovell and @AdamEbbin already tweeted! ” said Lucas on Twitter.

Senators Scott Surowell (D-Dale City) and Adam Abbin (D-Arlington) did a Lucas retweet.

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