Bicycle paths, better lighting and new sidewalks will appear in parts of Northern Virginia

More than $ 7 million has been approved for a transportation project, which includes new bike lanes and sidewalk upgrades, for Northern Virginia.

The multimillion-dollar transportation plan will bring new bike lanes, better lighting and miles of new sidewalks to Northern Virginia.

The plan is $ 7.2 millionwhich will focus on small, non-road transport projects, was approved by the National Council for Transport Planning in the regions of the capital on Wednesday.

The money will go to eight road projects over the next decade. Updates include the following:

  • A $ 316,579 project to improve pedestrian safety in the historic Clifton area by adding new sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, signs, landscaping and lighting on the main street section.
  • The $ 914,745 project aims to add a mix of “super-shrow” (common lane markings) and road bike lanes, helping to create a multimodal backbone through Fairfax’s Old Town.
  • The $ 800,000 project, which will build a public walkway, two-way bike path and sidewalk from Blake Lane to the ramp west of the Vienna Metro Interstate 66, will improve communication with the nearby Octan High School.
  • The $ 800,000 project is designed to add three new pedestrian crossings with footpaths or shared paths that serve Shrevewood Elementary School and the W&OD Trail.
  • The $ 800,000 project is to complete the construction of about 1,000 feet of sidewalk along the west side of Plaza Street, completing the missing link in the Lisburg sidewalk system.
  • A $ 1,300,000 project to design and build the missing 0.56-mile-long sidewalks along Sterling Boulevard that provide a direct connection to the W&OD Trail in Laudan County.
  • The $ 719,534 project connects residents of the Forest Glen residential complex with a church, grocery store, medical clinic and more at the Hoadly Marketplace commercial building in Prince William County.
CLICK TO ENLARGE: Details of this slide affecting the $ 1.5 million sidewalk project to be held in Prince William County. (provided by the National Council for Transport Planning in the capital region)

The most expensive project in the plan will add the missing sidewalk link on the east side of Old Carolina Road in Prince William County. The Planning Board has allocated more than $ 1.5 million for this project.

Most upgrades will result in bikers and pedestrians National Capital Trail NetworkA 1,400-mile system of routes that will connect the Northern Virginia region once it is completed.

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