Beagle puppies from a careless Virginia breeding institution on their way to new homes

Cumberland, Virginia (WRIC) – 150 dogs from the troubled Envigo Breeding and Research Center in Cumberland are on their way to finding a home forever, thanks to the efforts of a state senator, an animal rescue team and a ranch in Wyoming.

This was stated in November by State Senator Bill Stanley that he is working to adopt at least 400 beagles from Enwig. The reconciliation took a little longer than planned, but the first wave of adoptions began on Friday.

Sue Bell, founder and CEO Homeward Trails Animal Rescue told 8News: “On Friday we had a successful transfer of 150 completely magical beagles.”

She said the dogs arrived in Richmond on Friday and were loaded into professional animal vehicles to begin their journey in Ranch of Goodness Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming. The reserve is home to former research and laboratory dogs. The dogs will remain on the ranch temporarily until they are adopted.

“This particular group has fantastic records in that they adopted such dogs and very quickly found them a home forever,” Bell said.

Virginia Senator Bill Stanley was the first to initiate an adoption plan after Envigo involved in numerous violations against animals including dirty living conditions and animals left sick and untreated. Since then, the senator has adopted two of his own Beagle Envigo.

Envigo claims that Covid left them with too many dogs and too few staff to take care of the animals.

“Envigo is working with Virginia lawmakers to continue to provide proper oversight at our canine facility in Cumberland County, including expanding opportunities for animal adoption. We are delighted with our partnership with Homeward Trails and appreciate the services they provide. ”

Official statement by Envigo

In the coming weeks smaller groups of about 20 to 30 Beagle Envigo will leave Cumberland and will be housed in shelters around Virginia and along the East Coast.

“I have to say, with very few exceptions, the dogs we met on Friday were incredibly friendly, playful, very sociable – it’s a beagle for you,” Bell said. Although Homeward Trails doesn’t handle a lot of calls, you can check their Facebook page for updates, probably starting next week.

“We fully hope that our Virginia compatriots will be able to take these amazing dogs,” she said.

Bell says he hopes the partnership between the nonprofit and Envigo could serve as a model for other companies in the industry. They hope to take about 400 dogs over the next few weeks.

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