Augusta Health reports a declining trend in the number of COVID cases

FISHERSVILLE – The CDC currently identifies the transmission rate in August County as high.

However, some of our key statistics are starting to decline, the Augusta Health news agency said in an update on 16 February.

The positive level of Augusta Health testing for the week of February 6-12 was 32.2%. The current census of inpatients on COVID-19 is 26 people, three people have died in the last week, the update said.

Over the past day, 38 new positive cases of COVID have been diagnosed at the Augusta Health Survey – although more than 60 new cases have been reported in the past week.

As of February 16, thirty-two Augusta Health staff members are absent due to illness.

In addition to significant vaccination efforts, Augusta Health treats infected patients who meet the criteria, using infusion of monoclonal antibodies (MABS), if materials are available.

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