As money paid on I-395 express spiders is used elsewhere

Many drivers who pay for the use of I-395 Express Spiders in Northern Virginia live quite a distance, and about a quarter of their travel money gets used closer to home.

Lots of drivers paying for usage Express lanes I-395 in Northern Virginia they live quite far away, and about a quarter of their toll money gets used closer to home.

Transurban toll operator recently made its third annual payment of $ 15 million Suburban Selection of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission program under a multi-year public-private partnership agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

During the 2021 fiscal year 95/395 Express Lanes captured $ 63 million total revenue from tolls. The $ 15 million contribution is about 24% of that money.

The money will mainly support projects implemented by various agencies along the I-395 / I-95 Express Lanes corridor, from Stafford County to Prince William and Fairfax counties and the city of Alexandria.

“By getting some of these people out of their cars and putting them on the express spider bus, you’re also helping to make this trip a little smoother and on the usual lanes next to the express spiders,” said Mike McGurk of Transurban.

To the south, like Fredericksburg, the money will go to projects that create new and more frequent bus routes, expand parking spaces and make it easier for people to move down the corridor.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission decides how money is spent on managing Commuter Choice programs for the 395 Express Lanes Transurban, as well as for the I-66 Inside the Beltway Express Lanes Department of Transportation of Virginia.

Recipients of funding include, for example, DASH, FRED Transit and OmniRide, as well as Fairfax County bus services and new parking and travel opportunities in Prince William and Spotylvania counties.

Some people describe Express Lanes as “Lexus Lanes,” saying they only serve people on higher incomes, but McGurk said they are used by people of all income ranges; The most popular cars are Honda and Toyota.

According to a press release, Commuter Choice programs have awarded more than $ 92 million to 53 projects in Northern Virginia since 2017.

The projects included 28 new and expanded bus routes; purchase of 40 buses; nine vehicle improvements such as expanded parking and upgraded bus stops; five commuter incentive programs and three bicycle delivery network expansions.

What’s next with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Trans-Urban Partnership: Construction 2.5 miles of 495 Express Lanes north to George Washington Boulevard is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2022.

The project will include $ 5.2 million for the acquisition of the original fleet of buses and $ 2.2 million annually for the maintenance of a new bus line between Tysons, Virginia, and Bethesda, Maryland.

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