Arlington workers will receive a salary increase, and the property tax rate will be frozen in the proposed budget

Arlington County staff will receive a significant increase in accordance with the proposed budget of County Governor Mark Schwartz. Property taxes will be frozen at their current rate.

Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz offering a significant salary increase to Virginia County employees in his budget proposal for fiscal year 2023, and Fr. freeze the county property tax rate.

The salaries of full-time employees will increase by 4.25%, while the salaries of public security workers will increase by 6.5%.

All full-time employees will also receive a one-time gross bonus of $ 1,600.

“The ability to recruit and retain staff is our biggest challenge at the moment,” Schwartz said. during the district board meeting on Saturday. “Employees are no longer physically tied to one place, they can pick up and move.”

Inflation, which increases the cost of living in Arlington, is also helping to keep workers, Schwartz said.

Arlington County has nearly 4,000 workers. Last year, the salaries of civil servants were increased by 1%.

Schwartz also suggests Fr. freeze the county property tax rate at $ 1,013 per $ 100 appraised property value. But if the cost of residential real estate this year as a whole rose by 5.8%, the average family will still pay 5% more property taxes and fees.

Schwartz said the spending plan will also allocate an additional $ 4.5 million to climate change programs, which is another top priority for the county.

Arlington County Public Schools will also receive a $ 46 million increase from last year’s budget.

Schwartz said total tax revenue in the county increased by 7%. His budget plan for 2023 f.g. increase costs by 5.5% compared to fiscal 2022.

The 2023 fiscal year begins July 1, 2022. Schwartz said that public hearings on the budget and tax rates would be held by the end of March. He said he expects the district council to adopt the budget in April.

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