Arlington organization rescues 30 dogs and cats from Puerto Rico

Thirty dogs and cats rescued by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona are at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington awaiting adoption.

Hurricane Fiona caused a lot of damage in Puerto Rico, but it wasn’t just people who suffered.

Thirty dogs and cats that were rescued after much of the island was left without power or water have been flown to Arlington, Virginia, thanks to a nonprofit animal rescue Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Before the hurricane, the animals lived in the reserve for at least a couple of months.

“None of these animals were displaced during the storm, especially from the homes they were living in,” Myra Horowitz, founder and executive director of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, told WTOP.

“Being able to get them out of there so that people on the ground can rebuild what they need and take care of the animals that we couldn’t get on that flight was really important.”

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s actions reflect its mission, which envisions “a world where all animals are spayed and where all pets have responsible families and loving homes,” the statement said. his website.

“They ended up going directly to foster homes and one puppy went directly to a foster home. So all these animals are now safe,” Horowitz said. “They are in foster homes or in their forever families.”

Horowitz said people who want to adopt one of the pets are welcome to visit Lucky Dog Animal Rescue website. Pets respond a little better to Spanish teams, Horowitz said.

WTOP’s Carlos Ramirez contributed to this report.

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