Are we now endemic to COVID-19?

Henry County, Virginia (WRIC) – A new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic is due to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s move to end the school mask mandate and news that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be close to weakening COVID mask recommendations. may be nearby.

Richmond and Henrik District Health Director Dr Melissa Virey said the number of hospitalizations and cases had declined rapidly following the surge in amicron cases. She said it means the public can take a step back on mitigation strategies.

“Perhaps it doesn’t have to be as devastating as it was in 2020 and 2021,” she explained, referring to blockades and strict camouflage guidelines that many states, including Virginia, saw in the midst of the pandemic.

Echoing the same report, United States chief infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Foci told Reuters this week that the public is moving towards a normal life.

On Thursday night, Dr. Virey spoke to a small crowd at the Takajo District Library to answer questions about what might be next in a pandemic.

“We don’t know yet if we will need additional boosters,” she explained. “We’ve noticed some decline in immunity, so we may need an extra booster.”

She stressed that vaccines are still important for a return to normal life, citing the fact that the omicron variant is so mild, it is a combination of the variant itself and the number of people vaccinated.

Dr. Virai said the vaccine for children six months to four years old is already on the way. Like a flu doctor, Dr. Virey said drugs from COVID could become commonplace.

“We are starting to see how the drugs are coming. Some – infusions, some – orally. It can reduce the severity of the disease, ”she said.

Henrik resident Lynn Cotran believes a normal state is just around the corner, and is excited about what she has planned when cases of omicron are reduced.

“I’m going on a cruise in September this year, so I’ll be happy to come back. I think that’s all. Everyone is trying to return to normal life, ”she smiled.

Dr Virey said doctors are currently monitoring the omicron sub-variant, but she said she did not think it would cause another surge.

She said another option could mean the return of some mitigation strategies, but said she did not think another block would be needed.

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