Anne Hesch’s final performance was called a “tour de force”. entertainment

Anne Hesch’s final performance was a tour de force.

The 53-year-old actress died last month, a week after she was involved in the accident, and director Elizabeth Rohm praised the star for the excellent work she did on their film The Girl in Room 13. sheds light on human trafficking.

Elizabeth told People magazine: “It was a really positive experience working with her. These Lifetime movies move really fast and they’re on a tight schedule, but she worked really, really hard, and she always brought her A game, always elevated the other actors, was so generous to all the other actors.

“She was just an absolute delight, the hero of the film. She became a good friend and did a phenomenal job. Her play is a tremendous play and it was a great honor to direct it.”

In the film, Ann plays the “heroic mother” Gianni, whose drug-addicted daughter (Larisa Diaz) is kidnapped by human traffickers, prompting her to embark on a rescue mission.

Elizabeth and Ann were “very proud” to research the topic, and the couple, along with Larissa, participated in a PSA for a partnership between Lifetime, the Polaris Project, and the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

The director added: “We really shared a passion for the subject we were going to tackle.

“Every day we showed up to the project with a commitment to end violence against women and to tell a story that was dark and horrific, but with fighting spirit and tenacity.”

Elizabeth is still “devastated” by the actress’ death and hopes she will be remembered for her “beautiful work and legacy” rather than the tragic circumstances of her death.

She said: “[Her death is still] very fresh so we all miss her and are very shocked and devastated.

“I hope people celebrate her beautiful work and legacy. This film is a testament to her incredible passion for art, for humanity, and for women, and for creating a mission, a movement, and a real change in the world. So I could not speak more highly of her.’

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