An exhibit at Blue Ridge Community College on the issue of homelessness

WEYERS CAVE — As a child, Colleen Pendry was never sure when she walked in the front door after school if she should pack up and move. One of five children raised by a single mother, Pendry and her family never had a place to call home. Paying the rent was always difficult, and when her mother didn’t have money, the landlords lacked patience.

“There’s this constant movement,” she said. “Never settle down.”

Pendry now works at Blue Ridge Community College, wearing many hats. She is an adjunct professor, School of Collaborative Diversity Officer, and Title IX Coordinator, among other titles. When she was asked about a possible demonstration of a photo exhibition called “This House” about the insecurity of housing, she immediately agreed. She lived the life shown on the show, and she knew the students at the school did too.

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