An ECU professor talks about the consequences of the Russian invasion

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Armin Krishna, director of security research at the University of East Carolina, believes Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine remain unclear.

On Thursday, he said the absolute worst-case scenario was full-scale war, citing widespread fears of World War III. While he hopes this is unlikely, we are already experiencing huge repercussions here in the states.

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Krishna explained that Russia now says it is only interested in destroying Ukraine’s military capabilities, saying we saw something similar in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia.

It was a war that lasted 12 days until they reached a peace agreement and Russia withdrew its forces. Krishna said that although he hopes the situation will be similar without escalation much further than war, there is a real possibility of cyberwar.

“The United States can conduct cyberattacks against Russia, and the Russians can conduct cyberattacks against us, and this can cause disruptions, so they can target the electricity grid,” Krishna said. “They could focus on the supply chain, on financial institutions, on the media. So there are certain possibilities besides the real war. ”

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