An artist from Richmond is launching a community painting project Monument Avenue 10k

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – Dill Monument Avenue 10k, one of Richmond’s landmark events, will showcase a painting of public art at its upcoming race.

The outline for the mural was designed by local artist Hamilton Glass in partnership with Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10k. Voice painted several murals around the city and unveiled his new design called “All together”At the Sports Backers Stadium during the starting competition for 10,000 on Wednesday.

“The real mural was designed, of course, around the 10k monument, but more on the fact that it’s more than just a race,” Glass said.

The fresco consists of 64 separate colors. Like puzzle pieces, when the sheets are folded together, they become a bigger picture.

Glass said the project of the mural is based on the creativity of the community. Those wishing to participate will take mural sheets and paint the paintings separately. People can too download emails onlinedecorate them and then upload the emails back to the website.

“Make sure you add your voice to it, not just paint it. Add to that your voice and artistic expressiveness, ”he said.

Glass will collect all the letters for the final opening at the Health and Fitness Expo on April 21 and 22. The inspiration for the mural comes from the meaning of the race for the Richmond community and for the city itself.

“It’s a holiday, it’s a place of the public. People come from all over to celebrate it, ”Glass said.

Prospect of the monument to Dill 10k is scheduled for April 23.

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