A mother tea whale with a baby nearby freed from fishing gear in Maui

Lahaina, Hawaii (HON) – It took the teams about six hours to remove more than 550 feet of scaffolding wrapped around the mother whale’s head and front fins off the coast of Hawaii on Valentine’s Day.

The whale accompanied by her cub and male teal whale was first spotted by the cruise ship Napali Explorer III on 12 February.

The cruise ship Trilogy V saw her again on Valentine’s Day. It was then that NOAA officers moved to free her outside Lahaina Harbor on Maui.

After the release, the mother and her calf went into peace, which the response groups said was a successful response that increased both their chances of survival.

According to Fr. joint statement. Fortunately, they received documentation for the equipment, which can determine its possible origin.

Several agencies have helped release the whale mother, including the Hawaiian National Tea Whale Sanctuary, the specialized and trained Ultimate Whale Watch Response Team, the U.S. Coast Guard from Maui Station, the NOAA Law Enforcement Administration, the NOAA Corps, the Captain Una Captain Cardinal in Manoa – Marine Mammal Research Program, NOAA Fisheries, Department of Water Resources, Hawaii.

If you see a tangled whale or an injured marine mammal, call the NOAA Marine Wildlife 888-256-9840 hotline immediately or the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF channel 16. If you see a vessel approaching too close to a whale, call the hotline. NOAA on Fisheries at 800-853-1964 or by email respectwildlife@noaa.gov.

Visit the page for more information Site of the National Marine Reserve of Hawaii.

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