A missing person with Alzheimer’s disease is now safe thanks to a preschool child

FAYETWILLE, Arc. (KNWA/KFTA) – Police and firefighters specifically visited a preschool in Arkansas to thank a 5-year-old child for helping rescue a missing person with Alzheimer’s disease.

Fayetteville police were looking for 65-year-old Tony Joav, who went missing on Wednesday after leaving his home. Police said he did not have a phone or car and he would look disoriented.

“A great effort has been made to find the gentleman, but we have not yet found him,” said Lieutenant Scott Carlton of the Fayetteville Police Department. “Darkness came upon us. It was raining and we did our best to bring the information to the public to try to find it. “

Lt. Carlton and his team decided that the next step would be to question the neighboring area. As they approached the door of 5-year-old Ezekiel McCally, he told them he saw a man in the woods that day while on vacation.

“I saved someone only from my eyes,” Ezekiel said.

Ezekiel said he was both excited and scared when he spoke to police, but he was glad he did.

“The cops eventually came back and knocked on our door,” said Brittany McCully, Ezekiel’s mother. “They told us they found him and that it was because of his tips. They asked if it was possible to take a picture with him, and he has been very excited ever since. “

Lieutenant Carlton said Ezekiel was the hero of the day.

“Everyone wanted to come and meet him, so the police and firefighters were so happy to come here this morning and see him,” said Lieutenant Carlton.

When officials visited Happy Hollow’s pre-K class, they brought with them cookies, badges and other items for students.

Ezekiel’s heroism is praised outside the audience. Fayetteville police have released photos with their young hero and it explodes with praise.

Ezekiel said he would like to become a police officer one day. He even came up with a new word to describe how saving a person’s life made him feel, calling it a “cry” – a mixture of madness and wonder.

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