A Hanoverian teacher, the family creates the Good Beehive Project to help those living in need

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – One substitute teacher in Ashland decided to start a project that would give back to those in need.

Emily Monroe and her family regularly packed the community in Richmond when they realized Ashland didn’t have one.

That’s when Monroe started the “Kind Hive” community at S. Taylor Street Park in Ashland. The box is named after her “hive” who helped build the box – her daughters Eva and Piper Monroe and her brother Joe Cafarello.

Together, Monroe and her family built the Good Hive over the summer and officially installed it in December.

“It felt good to help something really small turn into something really big,” said Piper Monroe.

Monroe realized that Hanover students and their families needed meals on vacations and weekends, not just at school. Now the box is full of non-perishable healthy products like peanut butter and toiletries like feminine products and dental floss.

Monroe said at least 10 people have already donated items for the box, ranging from canned goods to handmade scarves.

“People don’t have a lot of stuff, and I like to help people make sure they have a lot of stuff,” Monroe’s daughter, Eva Monroe, 12, said with tears in her eyes.

Monroe hopes to build more community boxes like the original “Good Hive” in S. Taylor Street Park.

To donate to the cause, contact Emily Munro via the project’s Instagram account, @thekindhive.

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