A Denver woman wakes up from a stranger’s bleeding in the house

DENVER (KDVR) – Valentine’s Day began as scary for a woman from Denver who woke up from a stranger sleeping on her couch. The man was filmed on camera trying to get into other homes in her neighborhood.

“I got up and started getting ready to go downstairs for coffee,” Christine Kingen said. “My dog, he just barked and kept barking.”

Thinking it was a postman or someone delivering flowers for Valentine’s Day, Kingen didn’t think about it until the barking stopped. She said she was alarmed and looked around the corner, and to her surprise, there was a man in her house.

“I was just trying to embrace what I was looking at. My first thought was, “Who do I know?” Lying on my couch, ”Kingen said. “Then I realized I didn’t know who it was.”

She provided FOX31 images and videos from her neighbor’s home surveillance system. It recorded a man who tried unsuccessfully to get into her neighbor’s house and tried others until he succeeded. Kingen said the man in the video was the man lying on her couch. At the time, she said he had his hood raised and he was asleep.

Most people would have run away or called the police, but Kingen took matters into his own hands.

“I just stood here on the edge of the couch and said, ‘What are you doing in my house?'” Kingen explained. “He sat down and said, ‘I have no idea, sorry.’

Kingen goes on to say that as soon as he sat down, she noticed blood on his white pillows.

“I saw that he had cuts all over his forehead, and he had grass in his hair, as if he had fallen, and that surprised him,” Kingen said, recalling that he put his hand to his forehead and looked at him as if did not know what had happened.

Kingen described the man as disoriented and confused and said he would not leave after being asked several times.

“He wasn’t going anywhere,” Kingen explained. “So I went to the front door, opened the front door and said, ‘You have to go.’ At that moment he made his way to the door and left. “

As he slowly walked away, he was once again captured by her neighbor’s camera. Kingen said she accidentally forgot to lock the door after taking the dog outside, and so the intruder got inside.

“He was in my house for four hours,” Kingen said. “It was a good wake-up call.”

A lesson learned the hard way. Although she feels safe in her area, despite the incident, she said she will always lock the door and install a new security system in her home.

Denver police are aware of the encroachment incident and say they are investigating.

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