A Churchville fire truck caught fire

That rumor about the local fire engine catching fire? True.

Details come from Craig Williams, president of Churchville Volunteer Fire and Rescue:

One of their trucks was under warranty and was sent to a Cummins dealership for work. Cummins is a truck engine company. According to Williams, as they were driving back, exiting Route 262 onto the 250, the driver heard a pop.

Flames erupted under the cabin.

“It seems that it was not possible to remember,” Williams reflected. In any case, the fire was quickly extinguished. The fire “was not the result of the fire department or the manufacturer,” Williams said.

The truck will now have to go back to the manufacturer in Wisconsin. Williams said he had no idea how long it would take to return. The new truck apparently takes about two years, Williams hopes it won’t be that long.

No one was injured during the fire or fighting it, Williams said. Well, maybe there was one small injury – “Light pride, that’s all.”

Damage to a fire truck that caught fire near Routes 262 and 250, Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

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