60 firefighters are battling the blaze when the fire devastates 60 acres of Virginia countryside

SOSEX COUNTY, Virginia (WRIC) – Several counties in southern Virginia have joined forces to fight a fire raging on 60 acres of land near the city of Jarrat on Thursday. According to officials, the smoke from the fire could be seen at a distance of more than 35 miles.

The Jarrat Volunteer Fire Service was sent by Sussex County to Quarter 10,200 Lebanon Church Road, Jarrat, Virginia, at 1:45 p.m. for the fire.

When Jarratt Fire arrived, they saw the fire jump over the road and burn on both sides of the street. Officials said the Virginia Department of Forestry joined the response and used several bulldozers to help disperse the rising flames.

According to the crew, due to the strong wind the fire quickly spread to the depths of the forest, where it consumed about 60 hectares of land and pine trees.

Firefighters said they saw smoke from the scene of the blaze in Gerat more than 35 miles away in Franklin, Virginia.

Map showing the journey from Jarrat to Franklin, Virginia

The Greensville County Fire Department, the Druryville Fire Department, the Kapron Fire Department, the Sussex Court Fire Department and three bulldozers from the Virginia Department of Forestry have joined forces to help put out the fire.

According to fire departments, about 60 firefighters were needed during the four-hour battle.

The crews said the fire was put out by 5:45 p.m., after which the fire was allowed to burn.

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